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PC Watch: Nitso Employee Monitoring Software

PC Watch Employee Monitoring Software tracks and tells the employer what the employee has been using their time at work. It monitors your employee's work PC, tracks the applications and websites, logs, etc., and sends random screenshots to you. PCWatch will boost your employee's productivity and increase data security and build a work culture around your company. It answers one of the essential questions of 21st-century businesses "how to know if remote employees are working?"

PC Watch Software enables you to get robust data for a more productive and efficient team. The application will take computer screenshots randomly or at intervals as decided by the employer. The Software also keeps the activity log of tasks by employees. The entire data and tracking could be reviewed online, as the information generated by PCWatch could be used as evidence.

The Pros of PC Watch

PC Watch is specifically designed for all the service sectors that are troubled by an unproductive workforce.

More Productive Time: With employee monitoring software in place, your employees will be self-aware about their efficient working hours. This will skyrocket the collective productivity of your workforce.

Reduced Error: The sense of being watched not only increases productivity but enhances employee's proficiency as well. PCWatch will significantly reduce the number of errors your employees make daily.

Better Employee Perceptions: PC Watch not only tracks the working hours and points out unproductive employees, but it also tracks the productive ones. Besides, the monitoring software will also help to track the most fertile days and time. This allows the employer to get employee efficiency trends.

Workplace Transparency: As remote offices and work from home culture are rapidly developing worldwide, transparency and accurate reporting are challenging tasks for managers. Employee monitoring software like PCWatch will keep the clarity of work progress between employees and employers.

Reduced Administrative Work: With PCWatch in the workplace, the employer can track employees' productive hours. This will increase not only employee's productivity, but also free manager's time as there will be less paperwork and reporting of the work done by employees.

Increased Security: PC Watch does for your office what CCTV does for typical shops and roads. The idea of being watched will make any employee conscious of their working ethics. This reduces the chances of misuse of the company's data, unauthorized activities, and unethical workplace practices.

Who will be benefited most from PCWatch?

Almost all the companies from small to medium to large will be benefited from the employee monitoring system. As the work from a home culture has developed significantly in India's last few years, employee monitoring tools are used abundantly.

Employee Monitoring Software for Small Companies: PC Watch fulfills every small company's needs to get productive working hours of employees. The affordable pricing and user-friendly interface are well suited for small companies.

Employee Monitoring Software for CA Firms: PCWatch will be most helpful for professional and legal companies like CA firms since it can remotely track employees useful working hour and maintain transparency

Employee Monitoring Software for IT Companies: Work from the home policy has existed in IT companies for decades. PCWatch will prove to be one of the essential workplace software for any IT company.

  • Apps & Website Tracking: Tracks which apps and websites your employee's use individually.
  • Screenshots: Takes screenshots of employee's PC. The interval of the screenshot could be set to any interval as per the requirement.
  • Activities Tracker: Keeps the record of employee's apps logs with idle time. The Software provides a complete bird's eye view of all your employee's activities.
  • Stealth Mode: PC Watch monitors employee's activities in complete secrecy. Track the activities being performed by all your employees and boost efficiency.
  • Time & Attendance Sheets: The Software keeps a minute by minute record of your employee's efficiency. It tracks and prepares a comprehensive report of your workers' efficient hours. Also, it reports day by day starting, ending, and total working time of your employees.

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