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Asset-Specialist is a Fixed Asset Management Software designed to keep an updated record of your company's fixed assets. Asset Specialist gives a clear view and control of all your Assets, their placements, historical cost, written down value, additional cost incurred, and much more. The software is specially designed to keep a maintenance and track record of usage of your fixed assets. This software will eliminate any drudgery and negligence in the maintenance of Fixed Assets. It will help you in ensuring that all assets are adequately insured, and are under AMC. It will help you calculate correct asset valuations and accurate depreciation deductions for income tax and other statutory purposes. Asset-Specialist streamlined approach will save you hours and put you in control of your fixed assets.

Fixed Asset Management Software for Schools, Colleges, and Educational Institutions:

Nitso brings you one of the best asset management software for schools and educational institutions in India. Asset management is one of the critical parts of managing an educational institution. Keeping a record of desks, benches, science equipment, sports gear, etc., is crucial for school management to ensure that the old and unsafe equipment are replaced on time. Keeping a meticulous record of fixed assets is very important for any school or college to comply with government rules and regulations.

Asset Specialist is designed as a multipurpose asset management software that can efficiently serve any educational institution's needs. Asset Specialist will provide you synergic benefits of accurate record-keeping, timely maintenance, and statutory compliance.

Fixed Asset Management Software for Hospital and Dispensaries:

Asset management is essential for hospitals. Regular maintains a record of custody, historical value, maintenance dates, replacement cost, etc., must be managed to operate efficiently. Fixed Assets of hospitals are as crucial as health professionals in the hospital

Fixed Asset management software for Manufacturing Sector: Manufacturing industries are mainly based on their production abilities. The production can be efficient only if the fixed assets of the company are adequately maintained. Nitso Fixed Asset Specialist will help to keep your fixed asset well held and recorded.

Cloud-Based Fixed Asset Management Software:

Nitso Technologies has always been State-of-the-art in its approach to overcome industry obstacles. The new cloud-based Asset specialist is designed for the convenience of business owners in India. Now you can operate the asset management software from the web and enter or retrieve data from anywhere outside the office premises. Asset Specialist has better web security, data integrity and compatibleness.

  • Various Asset details like Asset code, Asset Description, Asset Type, Purchase information, GST information etc. can be recorded.
  • Automatic Asset Code, & Physical No for each asset.
  • Voucher details of each asset can be documented.
  • Assets can be arranged Location wise, Department wise, cost center wise.
  • Block wise, Category wise classification of assets.
  • Income Tax Book and Accounting Book and two spare books are inbuilt in the system.
  • Depreciation methods like SLM, WDV are inbuilt.
  • AMC & Insurance details for each asset can be feeded.
  • Physical verification details can be recorded.
  • Write off & adjustments, if any, can be recorded against each asset.
  • Shift wise usage details for each asset if required.
  • Sale / discard of assets.
  • Splitting of assets.
  • Relocation of assets.
  • Depreciation calculation for each book for selected period can be done with a click of button.
  • Various Report like: Fixed Asset Register, Fixed Asset Schedule as per Income Tax, From 3CD Extract, Depreciation Calculation report, Depreciation Comparison Report, AMC / Insurance / Warranty expiry report.
  • Different kind of MIS Reports available.
  • Unlimited User defined field for each asset.
  • Well designed rights management system for user control.
  • Software is Multi-user and Multi Company, Software is capable to import data from MS Excel.

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